Main Street Marketplace

Commercial Redevelopment Project
Waltham, MA

In December 2009, Stephenson Design Group (SDG) was awarded a contract with Waltham Ventures, LLC to provide civil engineering design and permitting services to support the proposed redevelopment of the Waltham Ford site located at 1006 and 1022 Main Street in Waltham, Massachusetts. The project involves the redevelopment of the 4.3 acre project site with the construction of 45,000 square feet of mixed use commercial space with site, access, utility, landscape and off-site improvements.

SDG is working with the Client to coordinate with the various consultants that comprise the integrated services team to develop permitting and construction documents for the project. The scope of work includes supporting the extensive local permitting process through the Waltham City Council. The project is anticipated to start construction in spring 2011. SDG has supported the project from the initial concept and will continue to support the Client through occupancy and provide post construction permit compliance documentation.