Notice Of Duct Hose and Accessories Change

2023.04.18(Tue) posted at 11:40

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support as well as express our most sincere gratitude.

We have decided to change the duct hose and accessories as below because the current supplier manufacturer is no longer able to provide a stable supply.
Thank you for your understanding.


1.  Target models

Duct hose ( standard )  All 4 models ( nominal size φ100, φ125, φ150, φ200 )

Duct hose ( oil resistant )  All 4 models ( nominal size φ100, φ125, φ150, φ200 )

Duct cuffs    :    4 models in total ( nominal duct sizes  :  φ100, φ125, φ150, φ200 )

Hose band    :    4 models in total ( nominal duct size  :  φ100, φ125, φ150, φ200 )


2.  Change time

Order start date  :  On the same day;    Shipping start date  :  February 27 ( Monday )

( *Orders for current products will be accepted until the end of February )


3.  Price increase rate

Around 23 - 27 %


4.  Content of change



The current duct hose, cuffs, and band are right-handed, but after the change, they will be left-handed.

Please note that they are not compatible.

*It is possible to prepare compatible products from other manufacturers as special products.
Please consult us each time.


For inquiries, please contact the sales representative.

Showa Denki Co.,Ltd.