NOTICE : Price Revision (U2V.U2V-E Series)

2024.05.09(Thu) posted at 14:40

Thank you for always visiting the SDG website.
We would like to inform you about the price revision for our vortex type high pressure series “Gust blowers” (such as U2V and U2V-E models).


Due to the continuous price increase in raw materials and purchased parts, as well as the rise in energy costs, our company has experienced an increase in product and component costs and difficulties in procurement.
Although we have strived to reduce costs and cut expenses, it has become difficult to supply products at the current prices solely through corporate efforts.
Regrettably, we have decided to revise the prices of the following products.


The details are as follows:

1. Price revision date  : August 1st, 2024
2. Product name  : Vortex type high pressure series (U2V.U2V-E Series) and All option parts for the Gust blower

3. Models

・All models in the U2V-E series will see a price increase of approximately 10%.
・All models in the U2V series, except for U2V-40S and U2V-70S,
will have a price increase of approximately 20%.
・U2V series models U2V-40S and U2V-70S will undergo a price increase of approximately 30%.
・All option parts for the Gust blower models (U2V, U2V-E, U2G, U2S)
will also see a price increase of approximately 10%.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation considering the circumstances.


For any inquiries, please contact your sales representative.


SDG Co., Ltd.